The Benelligru brand was born in the  70s by a group of technicians and professionals who entered the
lifting equipment market (forklifts, lifts, cranes hydraulic, aerial platforms, truck-mounted cranes, baskets) with the intention of producing quality machinery using innovative materials and trying to satisfy the requests of the most demanding customers in the sector.

This fundamental characteristic remains at the base of the production also starting of 1988, date of birth of Benelligru, where the company evolving, yes specializes more in the sector of cranes and aerial platforms lifting people.

The continuous exchange of data with customers, allows the company to develop machinery innovative and always in step with the working needs of the various sectors, favoring a high-end production rather than a large standard quantity.
They are born in this way equipment much more performance than those normally available on the market: 
- Crane with
extensions on 1st arm and "power joint"
aerial with telescopic arms and very long removable joints for overcoming obstacles, large outreaches, negative work and use as a crane, which allow the customer a possibility and a working capacity widely higher.
The attention costs and production times, problematic factors in one highly specific and qualitative production, is maintained thanks to the ability to create "modular" machinery in which the choices of the standards of
calculation and constructive morphology allow us to use them components in different equipment. 

The vision production is therefore to build customer loyalty (who has used one Benelligru does not change product) creating a machine that comes closest to the needs of the end user, avoiding standard production addressed exclusively in the reduction of prices. 

In the years the multiple job opportunities have made it possible to obtain knowledge unique of the various fields of application of cranes and aerial platforms, which have affected the military, naval and railway fields. 

The cranes produced range from 0.80 T / m to 40T / m, while the aerial platforms from 10m to 50m in height, but on request they are higher range models have been developed. 
The last period the company efforts led to the development of new ones
projects addressed to market needs: 
- Crane of small size with multiple extensions that can be installed on trucks with reduced dimensions. 
- Mini mobile crane for hook / winch application on self-propelled crawler wagons. 
Aerial platforms reduced in height, length and width to be applied on small trucks (both road and off-road) with large ones outreach services for work at height and in negative and with the possibility of use hook / winch OF THE BENELLI CRANE

From 2019 the Benelligru brand has been produced and distributed by Benelli Crane and platform Srl, with the intention and determination to return the brand benelli at the top of the Italian and foreign market.